Busy Bees, Big Reward

Busy Bees, Big Reward

Busy Bees, Big Reward

We understand busy people. We design with them in mind. Of course we are some of those who have little time for R&R. After all we are business owners. If you think about it the word 'business' is just a smoothed-over word for 'busy-ness'. And we sure are busy bringing you products that make your busy lifestyle just a little easier.

Naturally this blog article has to be kept short. If you can relate to being busy then you clearly have no time to read such articles. But before you click to another page, we have one solution that may just save you loads of time.

Pack your leftover dinner in a BeOn container and be on your way in the morning with a healthy, full meal that doesn't cost over $10 eating at a restaurant for lunch. And we hope above all you avoid eating just a power bar for lunch because you are too busy to eat properly. In the BeOn container you can have four completely different types of foods - Sweet separate from savoury, hot separate from cold, and even wet separate from dry. This 1.3 L meal prep container is enough for a full meal and will fill a normal sized plate. It can be microwaved and dishwashed. Built to be easy as pie.

Getting the kids ready in the morning is easier with a packed lunch for each of you that can be a part of their backpack and your computer bag or purse, keeping your hands free for the multitude of other tasks in your life.

Good to be busy but we from BeOn ask that you please not stress. Remember to breath, pause a moment for reflection, enjoy your coffee, your meals and anything else you put in your vessel. The busy schedule and large ambitions will pay off. You may get smart, grown kids; a great education; satisfied bosses; or a successful business. But you will never know until you keep trying. Good things take time. So... BeOn Your Way!

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