Day Trip with the Smartest Container

Day Trip with the Smartest Container

Day Trip with the Smartest Container

Can a container really be called smart? It almost sounds ridiculous because there are so many containers out there and most of them function quite well. But not all of them have as many features wrapped all up into one convenient package.

  1. Four spill proof compartments
  2. All lids protected
  3. Loop for a strap, clip or carabiner

On our way for the day, we have to remember to pack food. Even if we don't eat a lot but eating often gives vital energy for sustaining adventures and daily life. And who wants to rely on food at the gas station or a fast food restaurant? Dollars per pound makes this food very expensive. And the nutritional quality... It used to be that fast food was at least cheap but not anymore. The complexity, flavor and price have all done way up! But the quality has certainly gone down. Meat from too far away, frozen for too long, and nothing fresh makes this not worth the money.

But while out for a day at work or school the body needs sustenance. So what is the solution? Tupperware is popular but is it smart? It was smart half a century ago when it was invented. But the world has changed since then. Our busy lives and fast pace lifestyle means we often want to pack food in a way that won't spill, fall, or get messy.

When trying to get the kids in the car every morning carrying their stuff, your stuff and all other kinds of stuff, the last thing you can think of doing is carrying an insecure food container that has to be kept upright.

With the BeOn Container packing a sandwich, some chips, a salad, or trail mix and a sweet tea and water in the end caps is all possible. What other container can be so smart? For short day trips, a simple meal does the trick. But for more gruelling days heavier foods like stirfry, casseroles or pasta with sauce are more fitting. All of this is possible in the BeOn smart container! 

Even mixing and matching so you have your lunch in two compartments and a snack and a drink for later in another two compartments.

Here is one user's narration might be like this:

I eat throughout the day, usually half sandwich around noon time and some quinoa chips with some water. Then around 3pm needing some refuelling, I have the other half sandwich. I have eaten some trail mix with coffee for a break from work and save the rest for my commute home. 😊 

Another user might eat the dinner leftovers at lunch the next day, microwaved at work. And use BeOn container again that evening taking leftovers from a restaurant with friends for work the following day! Save a to-go container from being thrown away, save money by having two meals, save time by having you lunch packed in advance!

Very smart indeed! BeOn Your Way!

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