How Emily Taught Her Children to Pack Their Own Lunches

How Emily Taught Her Children to Pack Their Own Lunches

How Emily Taught Her Children to Pack Their Own Lunches


Emily is a busy mother of two children, Annabelle and Thomas. She and her husband both have full-time jobs. In trying to balance work, their children’s extracurricular activities, and their own hobbies, she and her husband are usually crunched for time and energy.


Emily has been packing the children’s lunches as long as they’ve been in school. She always packs fresh food, as her own parents instilled the value of healthy eating in her and her siblings from a young age. It’s a habit she has passed down to her own children.


Recently, Emily decided it was time for her children to start packing their own lunches in order to teach them responsibility and reduce her own workload. Annabelle is now eleven and Thomas is nine, so Emily knows they’re fully capable.


After shopping for a variety of lunch containers, thermoses, bento boxes, and other food storage implements, Emily came across the BeOn Container. Excited with the wide variety of uses it offers, she told her children to choose their own colors and placed an order. When the package arrived, the kids were thrilled with their new and exciting “toys” and got to work exploring the containers’ many compartments.


While they mostly knew what to pack in their lunches after years of their mother packing for them, the BeOn Containers presented an excellent opportunity to learn about what makes a healthy meal. Emily taught them about balancing carbs, proteins, and fats, and always eating everything in moderation.


Some days, they pack hot soup as the main meal item, while other days, it’s a sandwich on multigrain bread. Emily’s always sure to keep sliced veggies prepped in the fridge, so it’s easy for the children to make selections without having to handle sharp knives.


Her kids relay tons of great feedback from their friends, who love (and envy) their classmates’ unique “lunch boxes.” Now, a couple of their buddies have their own BeOn Containers in fun colors. Emily has made sure the kids know it’s also their responsibility to wash and dry their containers as soon as they get home from school, ensuring they’re ready to go for the next day. Overall, Emily is very pleased with the containers, which the children simply refer to as their ‘BeOns.’

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