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The Better Lunch Box for Adults

Meal prepping may sound intimidating but with the proper tools and ease of preparing your lunch will allow you to eat what you want and when you want while saving lots of money. You may have tried packing your lunch only to realize the essential tool is a proper lunch box/container that is easy to use, has six independent, leak-proof compartments to store your very own and easy to use BeOn Container, made from BPA free plastic that is reusable, dishwasher safe or clean with soap and water, leak-proof, spill-proof and keep foods easily separated.  That’s a lot of descriptors but all true.

BeOn Container HotBar
We tried many lunch box containers and because of the lack of keeping a variety of foods separated, intact and easily transported to work was an issue. This is the reason BeOn Container was developed but don’t worry about the meal prep, it’s not as complicated as you may think. If you prepare your ideas of what you truly like to eat, its simple. For example,  prepare some type of grain of either rice or quinoa then some streamed veggies like broccoli and red potatoes which you can prepare in advance and keep in the refrigerator then pack the grain of your choice in one of the nifty vessel part of the container which again is leak-proof and the veggies in the other side of the container. You can add a mixture of lemon juice and olive oils to sprinkle over the veggies when you eat from one of the end caps and the other end cap add your beverage. Both have screw down lids to keep in liquids safe and leak-proof. With the utensil we have included, you can easily enjoy your lunch. These components are all microwaveable safe and BPA free. In the remaining slot, add your vitamins or medication without carrying those separately, all you need in one easy to use lunch box. The shape is cylindrical so no matter how you transport the container, it easily separates into two separate containers with clips that easily open for your main course and the end caps can be filled with juice, water, salad dressing or in this example, your sauce for the grains and veggies.

Burritos are a favorite but once assembled, the tortilla becomes wet and soggy from the rice and beans. Another example which that is way better is to place your beans in one of the end caps then your rice in one of the container vessels, then add your tortillas in the other container vessel to keep them separated until you eat. You can add some chips in the side with the tortillas and in the other end cap, add your favorite beverage. You have a complete lunch that will be fresh and not soggy. Using the unique utensil, you can avoid getting your hands messy assembling the burrito and with the chips, you can scoop up the remaining contents.
When shopping for your ingredients, just take a Saturday when the supermarkets are not as busy to purchase your ingredients and prep your meals then enjoy packing your lunch box or container with a tasty lunch while saving money eating out while enjoying your own meals. When you get home, just rinse the compartments and end caps and wash with soap and water to prepare for the next day’s meal. It’s truly that simple. Enjoy!