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When we set out to create the perfect lunch box, we did so with the understanding that the day-to-day problems we experience here at home are by and large experienced across the world. The problem we’re addressing is the lack of reliable products on the market that allow busy people to easily and safely transport foods and beverages. In 2018, BeOn launched in the United States and already it has made its way across the globe to dozens of countries!

Here in the US, there are quite a few gift box companies that sell weekly, monthly, or one-time gift boxes of everything and anything you can think of. Want to buy a box of gluten-free health snacks? You can definitely find that on the world wide web! You can also find boxes of fancy underwear, samples of skin care products, international novelty candies, or craft beers. We, identifying as ‘outdoorsy’ and adventurous folk, opt for a box of outdoor gear and supplies from a subscription box company like the Nomadik!

The Nomadik

For $30 per month Nomadik sends a box of between one and four nifty outdoor products with a $45 to $60 value. Things to take hiking, camping, trekking, etc., or regift to friends or family. You might even see a BeOn Container in there. …

Nomadik was founded by Patrick Hines from San Diego, California. His passion for adventuring and great gear led to the idea to work with startup and established companies to promote their brand to people who would enjoy their products but may never know they exist or think t buy it. These boxes are slightly customized based on questions asked of customers when they first sign up. You can see past product boxes here

Toutes les Box

ToutesLesBox operates on the same concept, but in the beautiful and romantic country of France. In addition to curating the best collections for many shopping categories, they also promote interesting and one-of-a-kind products they think their readers will enjoy. Recently, the company discovered BeOn and wrote an independent article about us as a lunch box to take camping. They rated us a 10 out of 10 in every category (Hope you understand a little French).

 GreenTraveler lunch box Review from independent french company Touteslesbox

We’ll take that as a sign the French are having the same issues as Americans with finding good, homemade food on the go! Of course, we’re always grateful when others share our product, and want to take a minute to do the same for them. Let us tell you about ToutesLesBox!

Who They Are

ToutesLesBox was founded in 2012 by French businessman, Michael Maarek. Six years later, the company has over fifty content editors and contributors, all working to share amazing, handcrafted, and curated gift boxes in France and England.

What They’re Up To

In French, ‘toutes les box’ means ‘all the boxes.’ Their website is split into categories and subcategories - beauty, jewelry, alcohol, men, geek, food, flowers and gardening, children, romance, lifestyle, sports, animals, fashion, creative hobbies, books and culture, and activities and shows. Though its functionality is a cross between standard ecommerce and Pinterest, ToutesLesBox isn’t actually in the business of selling products; they merely promote.

What’s especially great about the site is their ‘test’ function. Most of the products have been tested by a professional tester, which means before you buy, you can read a review of all the products in a certain category or box.

Best Boxes

The Best Boxes section of ToutesLesBox is reserved for the highest rated and most reviewed boxes. Here are some of the users’ favorite products:


La Thé Box: A box of teas, infusions and sweets delivered to you each month.

La the box best lunch box gifts


Prescription Lab: An elegant, trendy and eco-friendly skincare routine.

Prescription lab lunch box monthly


Gretel: A box of healthy snacks.

Gretel lunch box snacks every month


What ToutesLesBox Has to Say About Us

The BeOn Container was reviewed by an independent professional tester (and friends), who gave us a 10/10 for quality, originality, packaging and delivery, and price. Aw, shucks! Thanks, guys!

It also appears that, in classic French fashion, the reviewers used the BeOn Container as a lunch box to pack.....a slice of baguette and brie cheese during a hike! Not to applaud stereotypes, but from all of us here in California, we think that’s pretty awesome!

Our only question is, where’s the fine french wine?


If you’d like to browse the ToutesLesBox site, visit In the event you don’t speak French (no worries), a translation app will come in handy!

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