Bento-Style Meal Prep Container
Unique Utensil - BeOn Container

End Caps


Four for the Family - Buy 2 and get 2 at 20% off

This pair of end caps allows the Beon Container to be carried without the cups in a smaller unit. Comes with two (2)
Empty Weight Volume Dimensions
Parts (Ibs) (g) (oz) (ml) (in) (cm)
Nook 0.273 123.8 14.21 420.19 8'X 3.5'X 1.75' 20.3 X 8.9
Cup 0.135 61.2 7.83 231.58 3.5'D X 3-5/16' 8.7 D X 8.5
Nook Lid 0.071 32.2     7' X 3.5' 9 X 17.8
Cup Lid 0.09 40.8     3-3/16'D X 11/16' 8 D X 1.8
Total 1.138 516.2 44.1 1303.5 13.5'X3.5' 34.5 X 9

Disclaimers: (EN)

1. Food Safe

2. Top shelf of dishwasher only

3. Freezer safe if not full of liquid

4. Microwaveable with the lid off

5. Avoid excessive sun and heat

Use Suggestions: (EN)

1. Meals to work or school

2. Amusement parks

3. Easy to carry when cycling, skiing and kayaking

4. Great for use on boats of all sizes

5. Share a meal with a loved one

Q. How can all four lids be completely protected and spill proof in one single container?

Q. Is the plastic safe for food?

Q. How big is the BeOn Container?

Q. How is this different than other food containers?

Q. Does it keep food hot/cold?

Q. Additional questions

Feature Images

Our Unique Utensil with knife
Double threaded cup lids to keep all lids hidden and 100% secure
Grip on cup for easy handling
Ribbed lid for perfect stiffness
Specifications of whole container and uses
Double threaded cups with silicone for a liquid-tight seal
Loop for carabiner or strap
Silicone on every lid with matching color to container
Volume and weight printed on every compartment
Extra pockets for napkins, pills or our unique utensil
Secure clips for a reliable seal.
Silicone and clips to maintain a secure seal