About Us

Based in Colorado, we have an amazing team assembled across various departments starting with Braeton as the product developer. BeOn Container was created and designed by this extraordinary person with tremendous depth of backgrounds in fields of engineering, technology, manufacturing, brand development, finance, published writer, botany, music and so much more. An extremely accomplished and well respected individual along with being an exceptional colleague and with everyone in our organization appreciating his enormous contributions.

There's Andi  who comes with backgrounds in diverse fields as our serial entrepreneur with various startups, mergers, acquisitions, product development in consumer goods, global strategic alliances with manufacturing expertise, co-packaging expertise and even time in the field of higher education.

Our team members consist of top web developers, blog and article writers, SEO experts, photographers, all the way through the layers to accounting and warehouse staffers.

Our pride of these contributors, without distinction are all praiseworthy in this dynamic company within the field of e-commerce. If you ever need anything at all, just contact us through the website with every imaginable method that fits your style or go right to admin@beoncontainer to connect with us.