There are many containers made to carry food. But None of them have:

1. Such a convenient shape - like a waterbottle for food.

2. Four spill proof compartments

3. A loop for a strap, clip or carabiner to attach it outside of a bag.

Give it a try and you will see it is unique because it can carry foods seperated.

1. Hot and cold foods separately - Ex. pasta and salad

2. Wet and dry foods separately - Ex. milk and cereal

3. Sweet and savory foods separately - Ex. Your lunch and a dessert!

The BeOn container is:

1. Dishwasher safe (recommended on the top shelf)

2. Microwave safe (if lids are not locked to avoid excess pressure)

3. Freezer safe

4. Kid safe, pet safe, environmentally safe.

5. Recyclable.

BeOn features callout