Blue Dream BeOn Container

BeOn Container is also highly portable versatile food container, specialty diet compartment lunch box, it’s all these things and recommended for food and beverages.

How often do you wish you had your favorite food with you to avoid going hungry or spending money on over-priced restaurant food? With the BeOn Container, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating from our leak-proof food compartments.

While trying to use other portable food containers, we were tired of messy leaks, spills that stain or having only one compartment leaving our food unseparated, with inconvenient shapes and sizes that don’t fit in a bag or could be heated in a microwave while throwing away disposable to-go containers that didn’t work very well anyway. We just had to make the best food container to solve these issues. Thinking back, you may have memories of battling some problems that standard food containers pose.

With BeOn Container as your ‘lunch box’ you have a food storage container with four leak-proof compartments, two carabiner clip loops, volume and weight printed on each compartment for portion control.

You will be amazed how many uses it really has- keep liquids in, keep your items separated, use for lunch to-go, snacks and liquids, first aid, or baby supplies. You will be amazed at all the uses, even for your dog food, wet and dry. Purchase BeOn Container for your dog to keep their wet, dry food and water all in one place or for any items you need to be protected that is reusable!

Our answer to ‘What is BeOn Container’ is all about the features… It is more than just a food container. For us at BeOn Container, the world’s most convenient, waste-free, portable container, a vessel like a cylinder with carabiner loops and 4 food and drink compartments. BeOn Container was

inspired by a reusable water bottle, which we carry everywhere to avoid disposable plastic bottles… the same problem.

For this size and shape, high tech plastic is still the best material. But don’t worry, we made sure it has no BPA or phthalates so it will not leak chemicals in your food, even in a microwave. Chances are you are already eating out of plastic with the food you buy at the grocery store or your pantries at home. The plastic used in the BeOn Container is approved by the Food Safety Foundations for food around the world.